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“I'm Cleo, Owner of Cleo SmileHeartz LLC. This company was created inspire others to live the life they truly desire through Financial and Fitness Education. As a Financial Mindset Nurturer, I teach others how to change their mindset about money so they can make lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term growth. As a Yoga Teacher, I share the benefits of Yoga and how it can contribute to your physical and mental improvement. Your mindset is a powerful tool. Your Financial and Fitness lifestyles need each other to thrive. Lifestyle changes are required if you want to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. We help people put themselves in position to take action today. Live the life you want with no apologies or regrets. Don’t be afraid to explore all of the opportunities this world has to offer. Say no to Fear and Doubt and yes to Happiness and Success. The Blog was created to share tips and resources throughout their journey. The Spotlight was created to shine a light on amazing work of individuals, organizations and small businesses who are making a difference in this world.

The SmileHeartz Scholarship was created for high school and college students to give them a jumpstart towards a debt free education. "The best way to help others is to start where you started!"



Meet the Creator

Cleo Childress

Cleo, owner of Cleo SmileHeartz LLC, was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She currently resides in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. She studied Accounting at Tennessee State University. After experiencing her own share of valleys and mountain tops, she then realized that experience is the best teacher. As a Financial Mindset Nurturer and Yoga Teacher, she shares her expertise to influence those who are open and ready to receive it. Her financial education has been featured in My Fab Finance and LCN Magazine!

Don’t wonder what if... Take a Risk.
— Cleo Childress