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Yoga helped me!

No matter what Cleo experiences in life (positive or negative) YOGA is always a key ingredient to pushing her to the next level. It has contributed to her growth Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. Mindset is a powerful tool. Yoga has contributed to her positive mindset transformations. Yoga has also helped throughout her financial freedom journey. She loves Yoga so much that she wants to share it with others. Whether if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, there is always something new to learn and experience.

Yoga Classes

YOGA is for anyone & everyone!

Enjoy the many benefits of YOGA while having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Release whatever has been holding you back in life. Hold on to whatever brings you happiness and peace. 

Come join Cleo in a judgement free zone where you can be vulnerable, laugh, cry, and smile. Embrace your past and present, so you can be bold and courageous in your future. Give your mind, body and soul the treatment it needs. Are you ready to join Cleo in some YOGA fun?